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Here at Village End Nursery and Pre-school we record our children’s learning journey in our secure online portal called Tapestry.

From daily spontaneous moments to structured focus activities, you will be able to see snapshots of what your child has been up to each day through the Tapestry App directly on your mobile device, or via a secure website log-in online. 

We record all stages of your child’s learning journey through photos, videos and written observations to celebrate their successes, allowing you to share in their important moments and milestones.

Strong parent relationships are the foundation of our nursery, and we love to have solid two-way communications with our parents and carers. You are able to add comments for our staff to read and reply to, and you can even add your own material to your child’s learning journey. Has your child drawn a wonderful picture they are proud of? Reading an awesome book? Our staff love to see your photos and videos of what your little ones get up to at home. 

Why do we use Tapestry?

As well as understanding that it can be hard to feel you might be missing out on your child’s special moments when they are at nursery, we use Tapestry as an educational tool to monitor and record the children’s progressions within the EYFS Statutory Framework.

The Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) sets the standards for promoting the learning, development and safety of children from birth to five years in Ofsted registered settings and offers developmental milestone guides for children.

Our observations record and encourage the aspects of development that the EYFS promotes through seven key developmental areas, and we share our aims with parents through our observations. The EYFS promotes a unique child, positive relationships, enabling environments and learning and development, and through our observations on Tapestry you will be able to see that this ethos is at the core of everything we do.

We constantly work to support the children in their learning, and with their learning journey being trackable from their very first day on Tapestry, it’s a great way for us to monitor how the children are getting on and share this with their loved ones.

Is Tapestry Secure? 

Tapestry is hosted in the UK on dedicated, secure servers. These servers conform to very high safety standards and are proactively managed by a central security team.

The safeguarding of our children is very important to us thus the only people that will be able to see your child’s information is us and yourself, using your own log in details. You are able to add extra family members to your account who will be given their own private, secure log in.

Should any technical issues arise, Tapestry admin staff will only access these accounts with prior permission from Village End. A copy of Tapestry’s ‘Privacy, Security and Back-Up Policy’ is available to view on request.

What will happen to the information when my child leaves Village End?

Using Tapestry means that we can quickly and easily share your child’s learning journey with their new setting or school. We will provide you with a hard copy for your records, and if your child’s school also uses online learning portals, we can simply transfer your child’s learning journal electronically in an instant.