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Our Ethos

At Village End we believe in providing high-quality inclusive education that is accessible to all. Our setting is built on the foundation that play is one of the most important ways in which young children gain essential knowledge and skills. We believe that children learn best by following their own interests and our open-plan setting is carefully designed to stimulate the childrens’ curiosity with dedicated areas of exploration for all the senses. 

In our setting you’ll find dedicated learning areas that offer continuous provisions and extensions of learning for the children, all with imagination in mind. Our key areas are: construction, water, sand, malleable materials, workshop, music, reading, writing, maths, painting, mark-making/fine motor skills, maths, small world, ICT/investigation, and role play. 

We believe that the children should be given freedom of imagination within our setting, and we frequently change our resources so that the children can continually create their own new experiences in different ways across all of the key areas of learning. 

We believe in nurturing and supporting the children as a whole, and through a holistic learning approach we encourage the development of cognitive skills, emotional well-being, social competence and strong physical and mental health, helping the children to secure strong foundation skills that will help them through their entire lives. 

We believe in creating a culture of healthy choices in our setting, and we promote both physical activity and healthy nutritional values on a daily basis. We also believe in teaching the children the reasons behind choosing healthy foods and why it is important to keep active and we actively encourage them to learn about the Farm to Fork journey their foods have taken.  

Our garden area is designed for the children to have an enriching outdoor space to physically explore the outdoor world, experimenting with ways of moving and using different kinds of vehicles. We believe in promoting team games to help the children develop confidence and form strong relationships with their peers, as well as offering access to our spacious outdoor area whatever the weather in our freeflow environment. 

As our children reach school age, we are dedicated to helping them become “school ready”, preparing them with all the vital skills needed to thrive in a primary school environment. From helping them navigate the world of friendship to managing their emotions, learning strong fine motor skills to encourage an ease of learning to write, right through to number recognition and even self-care to help them independently get changed for PE, we believe that with this support the children will be able to reach their full potential in their next educational setting.

Our staff are driven, passionate and seek to actively extend their knowledge regularly. We offer our staff access to multiple training courses across a variety of specialised subjects to enhance their teaching skills which they thoroughly enjoy.